Florence City Card

A comparison of the main tourist cards in Florence, for free entry to city museums and all kinds of discounts and reductions in the city.

In any self-respecting city, one of the best ways to visit as much as possible while saving money are tourist cards. Florence is obviously no exception, in fact, there are even two.

They are the Firenzecard and the Florence City Pass: the first is the official tourist card, and is available in two versions, one of which allows free access to the main museums, while the other allows you to get on and off public transport. The Florence City Pass, on the other hand, is a digital card that allows entry to the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery with priority access, the Brunelleschi Dome with reserved access, as well as a 10% discount on numerous attractions in the city.

In addition, there is a third free card, the Firenze Welcome Card, which can be obtained directly in the city and allows you to take advantage of discounts and reductions at bars, restaurants, shops and various activities.

Please note, the Firenzecard is temporarily suspended, it will be reactivated as soon as possible. Therefore, if you want to enjoy Florence and its museums by purchasing a tourist card, we strongly recommend the purchase of the Florence City Pass.

Florence City Pass

The Florence City Pass is a great way to save money during your days in Florence: although it has a less rich offer than the Firenzecard, it is cheaper, has no expiry date and is more than enough for most tourists, since it includes, among others, entry to the Uffizi, the Brunelleschi dome of the Florence cathedral, and the Accademia Gallery. Given the cost of admission to individual museums, having a cumulative ticket is also very convenient in terms of price.

It is a tourist card that can be purchased directly online, so that you arrive in the city ready to visit. Its format is exclusively digital, so you only have to show it at the entrance to the museums or monuments from your smartphone. It is available in three price brackets: full price for over 18s, reduced price for 16 and 17 year olds, and an even greater reduction for children aged 5 to 15.

The procedure for purchasing the Florence City Pass is easy: you proceed directly online by selecting the date of your visit to the city, and obviously the number of passes you wish to purchase. Payment is made securely, and you will then receive your passes directly by email.

Attractions included

By purchasing the Florence City Pass you will have free access to:


The Firenzecard is Florence’s official tourist card, and is available in two versions, called Firenzecard and Firenzecard+; the first is dedicated to museums, is valid for 72 hours and allows you to visit the city’s entire cultural heritage, while the second allows unlimited travel on public transport. In addition, there is a purchase option to extend its validity, called Firenzecard Restart.

Standard Firenzecard

The standard version of the Firenzecard is the official museum pass of Florence. For each museum belonging to the circuit, card holders are entitled to a free admission ticket and an exhibition supplement. The advance ticket booking service is also included, and in addition, children under the age of 18 who belong to the card holder’s household are entitled to free admission.

Each of the participating museums and sites can be visited free of charge only once. The Firenzecard is valid for 72 hours from the date of entry to the first museum, and after purchase, activation of the Firenzecard is immediate and automatic upon first entry to one of the museums on the circuit.

There are no less than 58 museums in the Firenzecard circuit, many of which also include priority entry, or fast track, even without booking it. Virtually all of Florence’s major museums are included, from the Pitti Palace to Palazzo Vecchio, from the museum complex of Santa Maria Novella to the Brancacci Chapel, passing through the unmissable Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery.

These names would be enough to convince even the most sceptical to buy the Firenzecard, but if they are not enough, know that the card also allows free access to lesser-known museums in Florence, such as the Casa Martelli museum, the Opificio delle pietre dure museum, the Casa di Dante museum, the Museo Novecento or the Franco Zeffirelli museum. Also included in the card are the numerous events that all the museums organise.


For those who are looking for a solution to save on Florentine public transport, the Firenzecard+ is the optimal choice: at a fraction of the cost of the standard Firenzecard, this ‘plus’ version allows free travel on all public transport in the city for 72 hours from the first obliteration. The card is valid on buses and the tramway. In addition, journeys made by children under the age of 18 in the holder’s household are also free of charge.

After purchase, activation of the Firenzecard+ is immediate and automatic upon first validation. If you choose the physical version, you must enter your card number in the space provided and validate it when you board the first means of transport.

But it doesn’t end there: with the Firenzecard+ there are discounts and exclusive promotions at a series of partners, belonging to the most disparate categories, such as food and wine, entertainment and entertainment, tourist services, shopping, sport and wellness, and accommodation facilities. The offers are of various types, ranging from discounts (varying around 10-15%) at restaurants to free souvenirs. There are over 50 merchants in Florence that belong to the Firenzecard+ circuit, and they can be found by navigating the map on the official site.

Firenzecard Restart

Finally, we would also like to mention the Firenzecard Restart: this is an interesting extension of the card that allows you to add another 48 hours to your expired card so that you can enter museums that you have not been able to visit.

The Firenzecard Restart can only be purchased online, within 12 months of the purchase of the main card, and can be activated immediately after expiry, so that you have 5 consecutive days.

The card, which is only available in digital format, can only be used on smartphones or tablets running iOS 10.0 or later, or Android 5 or later.

How the Firenzecard works

Entering the city’s museums or boarding Florence’s public transport with the Firenzecard is very simple: it must first be purchased, online or at retailers in the city, then choose whether to use it digitally in app version (by downloading the Firenzecard app, available on the main stores) or by printing the voucher received via email and handing it in at the pick-up points in Florence, where it will be exchanged for the physical card.

Pick-up points are available practically all over the historic centre, the main ones being at the Santa Maria Novella station (ticket office on the station side), at the central ticket office of Palazzo Pitti, at the ticket office of the Palazzo Vecchio museum, at the tourist info point of the station, or at door 2 of the Uffizi Gallery.

Firenze Welcome Card

There is also a third card in Florence, which might confuse the less experienced. It is the Firenze Welcome Card. The latter, however, unlike the other two, is not a real tourist card, as it does not include museums and attractions in the price. On the contrary, the Firenze Welcome Card allows discounts on attractions and shops, and is also completely free. It is well worth getting it, if only for the fact that it is free, so that you have the widest possible range of discounts and opportunities at your fingertips, to make the most of your days in Florence.

The Firenze Welcome Card was created on the initiative of the municipality of Florence, is aimed at visitors and tourists living outside Florence, and can be requested directly from partners. It can be activated at the airport or at one of the more than 60 activation points in the city centre, including the info points at the station and in Via Cavour.

Combined tickets

In addition to city cards, there are also combined tickets for several attractions to save on the overall cost of admission.